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Heads up! Zica Toys has launched Kickstarter campaign for the highly anticipated 2nd wave of Sectaurs! Here’s the scoop –

After a having a huge success with the Sectaurs wave 1 and wave 1.5 action figure series, ZICA Toys is finally ready to offer the exciting lineup for wave 2!  Pinsor, Commander Waspax, Skulk and Skito are ready to join their respective factions and continue the battle between the good forces of the Shining Realm, and the evil forces of the Dark Domain!

Risks and challenges

ZICA Toys is a firm believer in the philosophy of expect the unexpected, but taking into consideration how great our new factory and project manager have handled previous projects, I’m very confident that this one will be delivered within the time frame given. There are projects currently in the works that haven’t required the use of Kickstarter and their progress continues to go very well.


The next wave is made up of the remaining characters from the original Coleco line up:

  • Pinsor
  • Commander Waspax
  • Skulk
  • Skito

There are (5) tiers available: An “All In” tier that will get you all 4 figures for $120 and one for each individual character, marked at $35 each. Zica Toys’ realizes that the cost this time around is a significant jump from the price for wave 1 offerings, but notes that the cost required to make this wave happen are considerably higher. 


Will you be grabbing any figs from wave 2? I hope this round is successful, as I’d love to see critter companions and mounts in wave 3!

9 comments on “ZICA TOYS SECTAURS WAVE 2 KICKSTARTER Campaign Now Live

  1. LittleWolvie

    Pretty Cool! I still have my originals (nicely stuck away in the attic). 😀

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    • Nice! Mine are long gone. 😦 I’ve been fighting the temptation to hit eBay.

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      • LittleWolvie

        Reading this article and remembering I still had these, I took a quick look online out of curiosity, but was actually surprised to see how hard these are to find these days. The offering, even on eBay, is extremely limited. The Hive playset, the only thing I don’t have as I cannot remember it was ever released here, kind’a picked my interest. But good luck finding one, especially complete.
        When I ever get the addition to the house down (yeah, yeah, longtime project…), I’ll have to bring these down and give them a proper spot in my collection, together with so much more that’s currently stored away due to a lack of space. 😦

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      • Isn’t it fascinating? Sectaurs, Inhumanoids, Centurions..all of the larger scale offerings fetch quite a nice chunk of change in today’s climate.

        Once you take pics share, I’d love to see’em! 😀


  2. LittleWolvie

    Funny fact is that I remember my mom hating these, as she really didn’t like the big hairy beasts. For many years, after I had already left the house, they were still at my parents’ place and she tried to convince me to get rid of them. So, I finally decided it would be safer to bring them over here. 😉

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  3. Timothy Tipton

    I just found out about the kick starter . Since it’s been over a year . I .am just wondering is it still going on. Or has it ended .I have been ordering my captain eagle figures from zica toys .and I will be order more when the money comes a aliable. In mean time.i would like to see series 2 sectors .I already have part of series 1 .also you forgot about one figure from series 2 the night fighting dragon he was released with series to as a toys r us exclusive.he was in silver with glow in the dark hair/eyes and weapons.

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    • Hi Tim – The Kickstarter for wave 2 never panned out; Zica Toys abandoned the project, so sadly, we’ll never see the figures. 😦

      Thanks for pointing out Night Fight Dargon!


      • Jose Ole

        So sad this failed 😦 Waspax was the first figure I had of these when I was a kid so especially looking forward to him. During the campaign, there was a strange push to army build Skulk (maybe there were more of his kind somewhere since he was Devora’s adopted son?). I would have thought Skito would have been the goto army builder since he was the leader of a group of marauders who looked almost identical to himself. Still hoping they try again for this wave, but considering I just lucked into hearing about it the first time and missed the kickstarter for wave 1, I probably would have no idea if they did. I can dream I guess 😛

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      • I hope that another outfit comes and revives the line again. Such a wasted opportunity.


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