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New Round Of G.I.Joe Prototypes Hits eBay

Heads up! eBay seller ssushop, known for his collection of toy prototypes, is back with another round of over 50 G.I.Joe offerings from the early 00s! Let’s get right to it!

G.I.Joe vs Cobra

From 2002 comes a pair of G.I.Joe vs Cobra offerings. JvC (Joe vs Cobra) was a dramatic change in terms of sculpt design from the 1:18 G.I.Joe we had grown to love. Samples include Flint & Wild Bill. 

G.I.Joe vs Cobra: Spy Troops

Spy Troops, the follow up to Joe vs Cobra, brought us a new play pattern – One where both factions would come with gear that would allow them to assume the identifies of their enemies. Pretty sketch, but eh, what can you do, war is war. The Spy Troops assportment includes an Iron Grenadier, Recondo, Sgt. Hacker, Shipwreck and Wild Bill. 

Valor vs. Venom

In G.I.Joe Valor vs Venom, Cobra has altered the genetic structure of their army, producing platoons of ferocious creatures. This sub-set has the largest grouping of auctions, so rather than name them, check out the list below –

G.I.Joe Desert Patrol Squad – 2004 Toys’R’Us Exclusive

Switching gears, we head on over to the Toys’R’Us side of things, where ssushop once again has a few 6 pack offerings up for grabs. First up, members of the G.I.Joe Desert Patrol, including Ambush, Snake Eyes, Sgt. Stalker and Tunnel Rat. 

G.I.Joe Anti-Venom Task Force – 2004 Toys’R’Us Exclusive 

Another G.I.Joe 6 pack with team members up for grabs is the TRU exclusive Anti Venom Task Force. Incuded are Charbroil, Duke & Sideswipe. 

Cobra Strike Team – Urban Division

Cobra’s not to be forgotten, as they have a few 6 pack offerings up for grabs as well! From the Cobra Strike Team Urban Division comes Nullifier. Scrap Iron and Storm Shadow.

Dreadnok Rampage: Escapades in the Everglades – 2004 G.I.Joe Collectors Convention Exclusive

Alongside the Brick & Mortar offerings comes a selection of figures from the 2004 G.I.Joe Collectors Convention “Dreadnok Rampage: Escapades in the Everglades” boxset. Included are Dreadnoks Buzzer & Ripper, alongside Tiger Force Beachhead.

G.I.Joe Comic 3 Packs -2004 Toys’R’Us Exclusive

Rounding out the assortment are figures from the 2004 G.I.Joe Comic Packs. Each set included 3 figures based upon the comic that was included with them. Up for grabs are Cobra Commander, the Baroness & a Cobra Trooper from G.I.Joe #1, alongside Scarlett & Tracker Kwinn from G.I.Joe #2

There you have it, folks! Another fine collection of protos and samples from ssushop! Will you be trying to add any to your collection? If so, best of luck to you! 

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