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Zica Toys Announces Sectaurs Wave 2 Kickstarter Launch Date

In other news from Zica Toys, this coming Monday, November 30th, has been noted as the Kickstarter launch date for the 2nd wave of Sectaurs!

Craig from Zica Toys noted that the next wave will be made up of the remaining characters from the original Coleco line up:

  • Pinsor
  • Commander Waspax
  • Skulk
  • Skito

There will be (5) tiers available: An “All In” tier that will get you all 4 figures for $120 and one for each individual character, marked at $35 each. Craig realizes that the cost this time around is a significant jump from the price for wave 1 offerings, but notes that the cost required to make this wave happen are considerably higher. 

Make sure to keep it locked on Zica Toys’ social pages for more details prior to the launch this coming Monday!

2 comments on “Zica Toys Announces Sectaurs Wave 2 Kickstarter Launch Date

  1. I had the originals around 1985 Christmas. I remember they kept getting discounted at retail. First 25% and then 50%. They still weren’t selling.

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    • I remember something very similar. My Mom wouldn’t buy them because they werent the same size as my other toys. It wasn’t before they were on deep clearance that I ended up with a couple of them.

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