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JOYTOY Shares Word of 1:25 Scale God of War 86 REISSUE

Fans of the 1:25th Scale JOY TOY – 暗源 Dark Source Mecha line have reason to be excited – Word has been shared that the God of War 86 Mech is being re-issued in an all new white paint scheme! Check it out –

New product!! #JOYTOY#暗源 1/25 Scale Source series: God of War 86(white) #mecha
•It is about 22 cm high.
•Auxiliary accessories.
Expected to go on sale in December

Now, as mentioned above, this version of the God of War Mecha is indeed a re-issue. Check it out alongside the original GOW86: 

As you can see, this new version looks quite different thanks to the new color scheme and accessory loadout. Plus, this is a great “jump on” point for new Joy Toy Mecha collectors, as the original God of War can fetch up to 3x the original cost.

Keep it locked on your favorite etailer next month, as that’s when pre-orders will be going live!

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