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Toys Alliance x Acid Rain FAV-SP14 A Walk In The Park Bucks Team Set Revealed

20201112 – UPDATE: Pre-order is LIVE – https://pia-club.com/product/acid-rain-fav-sp14-a-walk-in-the-park/

It was a few weeks ago when images of the new “A Walk In The Park” set, a Toys Alliance x Acid Rain World FAV release was revealed. The set includes all (5) original members of the fan favorite Bucks Team, in new green camo. This set is sure to sell out, as the original Bucks Team are near impossible to find on the secondary at decent prices. Before we check out what’s included, keep in mind that this is a Pocket In Action exclusive and can be purchased only through the PIA-Club Website.

Here’s the scoop on the set. Check it out –

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain New Product

Figures And Vehicles | FAV-SP14 A Walk in the Park | Release Date: END OF April 2021

Scale:3.75inch 1/18

Content:- Bob / 鮑勃 x 1- King / 京 x 1 – Steel / 司帝爾 x 1- Jack / 傑克 x 1- Argus / 阿爾戈斯 x 1- Heavy Hand Gun / 重型手槍 x 1- ASMG3 Submachine Gun / ASMG3衝鋒槍 x 3- Belt bag / 腰包 x 1- Stun Baton / 電擊棒 x 1- AP3 Pistol / AP3手槍 x 5- Anti-Tank Rifle / 反坦克狙擊槍 x 1- Gear Buckle / 裝備扣 x 3- AMBF17 Machine Gun / AMBF17機槍 x 1- ARL8 Rocket Launcher / ARL8火箭發射器 x 1- Rocket Case / 火箭彈彈藥箱 x 1- Anti-tank Rockets / 反坦克火箭彈 x 3- PB-Shields / 便攜式防爆盾 x 2 – Fuel Container / 汽油桶 x 1- Square Wooden Crate / 方形木箱 x 1- Beer Bottle / 啤酒瓶 x 2- Hip flask / 小酒壺 x 2- Wine Glasses / 酒杯 x 4- Pallet / 貨盤(棧板 x 4- Pallet Buckle / 貨盤(棧板)扣 x 12

ob anxiously read the reports from Gaeae over and over again. Light skirmishes flare up daily in the peripheries, but never in Gaeae. Gaeae was Sonceto’s closed industrial center to the east, flanked by rare woodlands on one side and the sea on the other. Its vital economic status ensured a strong Sonceto military presence, and local authorities were infamous for nipping any whiff of dissent in the bud. Something was amiss.

Bob consulted with President Aldaman in private, who shared similar concerns after learning that Sonceto’s most decorated general and his team of commandos failed to restore order in Gaeae. Bob and Aldaman agreed that an investigation must be carried out, yet the Federation was young and Agurts unity was fragile. Sonceto would not take kindly to outsiders prying into their secretive industrial center, lest it triggers an even bigger political crisis. This was going to be one hell of a covert mission – they were up against both mysterious rebel forces and the cunning Sonceto elite. To make matters worse, they must return within three days for Aldaman’s first official visit to the NAUS.

Two hours later, five Bucks members suited up in woodlands combat gear as an arriving helicopter whipped up a small dust storm before the Bucks Facility landing pad. The grinning quartermaster was curious where the top brass was headed – just days before the big presidential trip, too! Bob put down his glass and smiled. “Just a walk in the park. We’ll finish the bottle when we come back”.






No word on pricing yet, but if you ask me, whatever they price it at will be worth it. The Bucks team is one of the most unique 1:18 scale team offerings in recent history and a must have in my humble opinion. There’s no question I’ll be snagging the pre-order once it drops. I’ll be sure to share the word once that happens, so stay tuned for more! 

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