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Wayward Goat Collectibles Announces M.A.R.V. Relaunch With New Production Images

It’s a great time to be a 1:18 scale vehicle aficionado! There seems to be all sorts of awesome additions to our motor pool on the horizon – The Hurricane Off Road vehicle from JOY TOY – 暗源 has fans excited, while the recently announced Nightwolf by Urutoys is something that is now on everyone’s radar.

There’s one vehicle that was introduced back in 2018 that had fans clamoring for more. That vehicle is the Modular Armored Range Vehicle, or M.A.R.V. for short. This stunning offering from Wayward Goat Collectibles was met with great enthusiasm by the 1:18 community, but fell short of its funding initiative on Kickstarter.

Greg, the owner of Wayward Goat Collectibles, spent the last 1+ years working on a way to bring this back to the public without having to depend on a funding campaign. Know what?…

That’s right, my friends! Wayward Goat Collectibles has exploded back on to the scene with mold pull images of the M.A.R.V.! You’ve most certainly read that right – Not renders, but real mold pull samples from their factory overseas! Let’s run through the selection of images so we can really get a good feel of all the magic that Greg has been working behind the scenes since 2018:

Tooling – As you can see, tooling for the M.A.R.V. is complete and no expense has been spared. Work has been hard underway bringing this beast to the market.

Mold Pulls – Look at the amount of parts that go in to making the M.A.R.V.! As you can see from this large grouping of images, this initial set of pulls is used to make the first corrections to the vehicle prior to final production. I love the notes, although I’d be lying if I said I could read them without a translator.

M.A.R.V. Production Test Sample – The parts pulled above are then assembled in to the gorgeous piece of equipment you see here. Look at it, it’s a BEAST!

Again, I can’t stress this enough – The M.A.R.V. will be available DIRECTLY through Wayward Goat Collectibles, so no worries on waiting for a Kickstarter campaign! The goal is to have the vehicle in hand by 2021, so stay tuned for more details as they become available (ie – pricing, loadout options, etc).

Congrats to Greg for working hard and making this happen! The first big baddy is back and it’s here to roll over the competition!

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