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Urutoys Shares New Details On Upcoming NightWolf Modular Vehicle

Last week, I shared word on the Nightwolf, a 1:18 scale Modular Vehicle from Urutoys that’s coming to Kickstarter in November. Fan response to both the Nightwolf and article have been incredible, so I circled back with Urutoys to get more information on this exciting new offering.

There were a pair of questions that were asked the most, so let’s get to it!

What size is the Nightwolf?

Urutoys shared the following dimensions:

  • 14.75″ length from bumper to bumper
  • 7.5″ wide from wheel to wheel
  • 5.25″ high from floor to led bar on roof (this is without any turret) 

*Of note – The final height of the vehicle will depend on what turret is used. 

You mention “modular” – What is modular about the Nightwolf?

From Urutoys: Much like the amazing Marauder Task Force collection, the Nightwolf was created with customization in mind. You start with a base vehicle. From there, you can choose from (3) different turret options and (3) different rear cargo options. That gives you (9) different Nightwolf combinations. Add in the color variations and you have an almost endless amount of Nightwolf variations! (well, almost 🙂 )

How much will the Nightwolf cost?

Urutoys: The price for the base model of the Nightwolf will be $60.00 USD. Pricing will increase depending on the Nightwolf you build.

There you have it, folks! Specs, Design & Pricing all at your fingertips. Want even more awesome Nightwolf news? My friends from Zica Toys have announced a collaboration between Zica and Uru! The project is in its infancy, so I’ll be sure to bring you more details as things progress. 


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