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JoyToy Booth Images From Shanghai New International Expo Center

JOY TOY – 暗源 was set up at the Shanghai New International Expo Center with a large display showcasing their new and upcoming figure offerings. Among the set up was their new WWII German and Allied Forces, a set of prototypes for Mecha type figures that look like they can transform (!!!). Check it out –

JoyToy has been releasing amazing set after amazing set, so it’s cool to see many of the new offerings on display. Granted, I’ll be the first to say it – I wish we had more pictures, especially of the new sets that are sealed in the background, like their new Wandering Earth figures, Battle for the Stars offerings, Soldier Series and more. Also MIA from the display is the new Battle For The Stars Hurricane Off-Road Vehicle.

I’ll be sure to share more images from the SNIEC event as they become available.

4 comments on “JoyToy Booth Images From Shanghai New International Expo Center

  1. LittleWolvie

    They have some pretty cool stuff, but their availability is almost non existent in Europe. There’s exactly 1 small store in the UK that has a very limited offering. I’ve contacted JoyToy a couple of times concerning this issue, but they don’t seem too eager to take steps to improve this. I also asked a couple of my retailers if they could offer their products, but all of them declined and one of them indicated that JoyToy seems to be quite difficult to work with, compared to other manufacturers and suppliers. 😦

    Smalljoes has (or maybe rather had, as I don’t know if they plan on continuing their offering as I don’t see some of the latest products). So, I ordered my first JoyToy figures through them (the Grim Reaper set and the Airborne one). Still waiting on them though, as my package has been stuck in NY customs for like 3 weeks already. ‘sigh’

    The only other alternative for me is to order from Chinese sellers active on Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress, but I’ve noticed their prices are quite inflated and they usually don’t work with Amazon for the shipping process, which will result in customs issues and costs for me.

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    • You may want to try LockerToys. They’re based in HK and seem to be pretty decent in terms of getting supply out. That said, sorry for the headache, I’d be pretty done with all of that as well.


    • I just discovered JoyToy’s mechs and was blown away by them. I found Locker Toys through a bit of searching and I ordered two mechs from them last week. They had the best prices, and they got to me within a week! I’m in South Carolina, USA.

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      • I couldn’t agree more, their mechs are awesome! I need to finally get a review up. One day. Eventually. =/


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