Wu Tang Is Forever with G.I.Joe A Real American Hero 276 Homage Cover

Remember when Marvel put out a series of Hip Hop homage covers? Well, thanks to Artist Hal Laren, The 616 Comics & Simpleman’s Comics, we can celebrate that feeling once again, as this special variant cover of G.I.Joe A Real American Hero #276 features a spectacular “Cobra Forever” cover that celebrates the brilliant Wu-Tang Clan Album “Wu-Tang Forever” is set to drop today, Saturday, October 24th at 2pm EST!. As if that wasn’t bad ass enough, the B Cover, Cobra Desktop”, features the CD sleeve that many of us can recall owning at one time. Here’s the scoop:

The hip-hop homage of the year launches tomorrow at 2PM EST only at the616comics.com!

💥 @hal_laren brings the heat with this incredible #WuTangClan mashup for GI Joe #276, which is a shared exclusive with our friends at @simplemanscomics.

✔️ Cover A (World Cover) is limited to 1,000 copies and is priced at $14.99

✔️ Cover B (Cobra Desktop) is limited to 500 copies and is priced at $19.99

✔️ Set of 2 is only $29.99!

📆 Set your alarms for 2PM EST tomorrow and don’t miss out on this one!


I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about these covers. Wu Tang is one of my favorite groups of all time, so these are a must have for my collection. Will you be adding them to yours?

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