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URUTOYS 1:18 scale nightwolf coming to kickstarter november 2020

If you love 1:18 scale vehicles, then HEADS UP, as there’s a new comer in the space that’s bringing the heat to Kickstarter this November!

From Urutoys comes the Nightwolf, a 1:18 scale Modular Vehicle ready to storm your front lines! Check it out –

The Urutoys Nightwolf is reminiscent of the M.A.R.V. from Wayward Goat Collectibles. Featuring a modular design, the Nightwolf comes in a collection of color: Green, Blue, Tan, Gray, Red and Black. The rear compartment area is modular, allowing you design it to meet your needs – Troop Carrier, Cargo, et al. Armaments include Machine Gun and Missile Turrets. As you can see, the vehicle is pretty large, allowing plenty of room to move out your favorite 1:18 scale figures.

The design of the vehicle is very sleek, with a squatting design very similar to that of the Hummer HX –

I’m waiting word back from my friends at Urutoys on pricing, the dimensions of the vehicle and the details on the armaments (ie – will they all come with each Nightwolf, or are they separate add-ons?)

Be sure to keep it locked, as I’ll be bringing you more details on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. In the meanwhile, make sure to keep it locked on the Urutoys Facebook Page and Urutoys Instagram page for more!

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