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Threezero Reveals Promo Image for FigZero One Sixth Scale Snake Eyes Figure

Last month, threezero placed a Snake Eyes figure on display at Wonder Festival 2020. At the time, there was not much info available, so fans were left to speculate.

Thankfully, that speculation ended today, as threezero shared a promo image of their upoming FigZero 1/6 scale Collectible Figure, Snake Eyes!

The FigZero series includes primarily 1/6 scale action figures. A highly poseable body with exquisite, multimedia outfit and accessories in detailed paint application are utilized to recreate the vivid look of each individual character. Under an relatively affordable price, FigZero also provides collectable-level quality and a new opportunity for anime fans to upgrade their collections.


No word yet on pricing or availability, but I’ll be sure to share the word once we get the official scoop. Stay tuned!

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