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Second edition of Action Force – Palitoy Collectors Guide On Kickstarter

Heads up! Blood for the Baron has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a remastered version of their Action Force – Palitoy Collectors Guide!

This Kickstarter project is to raise funding for a second edition of the popular Action Force Palitoy Collectors’ Guide from www.bloodforthebaron.com. The 300 pages of content have each been digitally overhauled to provide an improved print quality, as many of the photographs in the first edition came out far too dark. Lots of the pages have been updated with new images and information and the handful of typos have all been corrected! 

Action Force Palitoy Collectors’ Guide

Another improvement is the laminated cover, providing additional strength to the spine, as some customers found the first edition to be too flimsy for the weight of the book. Production will be moved from China to the UK, which will remove the shipping delays experienced the last time. Printing will be handled by Carly Press.BFTB.UK

The Action Force fansite www.bloodforthebaron.com has been runnning for 17 1/2 years, dedicated to bringing word of these exclusive UK toys to their long-lost cousins in the GI Joe community. Created purely for the love of the brand, Jim Marshall’s explosive guide is the first of its kind, weighing in at 300 pages and covering every aspect of this amazing toy range by Palitoy.

Action Force toys

From the original ‘Action Man in miniature’ to the ever-popular Red Shadows and their Action Force counterparts; Z Force, Q Force, Space Force and the SAS. Also included are the German Anti-Terror Team variants and the exclusive UK GI Joe and Cobra releases.

Action Man
The Red Shadows and Terror Bande
Z Force and ATT
Q Force and TSATT
Space Force and WATT
Action Force comics
Action Force fanclub merchandise

With over 2000 new photographs, the guide also features full information on the plethora of cardbacks, comic books, fanclub packs and promotional merchandise. The Palitoy Collectors’ Guide is a must-have for Action Force and GI Joe fans alike.

Action Force 30th Anniversary Commemorative Special

Every pledge will also receive a free copy of the 100-page Action Force 30th Anniversary Commemorative Special companion magazine and the fantastic 16-page repro micro-comic. 

Action Force micro-comic

Additional tier rewards available are the BFTB.UK exclusive 5-poster set, available in A4 (210x297mm), A3 (297x420mm) and A2 (420x593mm) formats.

Action Force figures poster
Action Force comics poster
Baron Ironblood poster
SAS poster
Roboskull poster


Risks and challenges

The risks of this project are limited by the prior implementation of a publication commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Action Force. The 30th Anniversary special addressed the same subject matter as this Collectors Guide with a similar format, content and publisher. All these factors will contribute to the successful implementation of this follow-up project. Additionally, the expanded content of this Guide has already been largely already developed by the same team due to the depth of the material developed for the BFTB website itself. For this larger volume, special quotes from the publisher and for distribution have already been secured, costed and factored into the price per unit. Market research has also been factored in to accommodate the likely distribution costs to North America, Europe and Australasia. Most importantly, regular progress updates will be posted on the BFTB forum and social media pages.

2 comments on “Second edition of Action Force – Palitoy Collectors Guide On Kickstarter

  1. LittleWolvie

    An excellent book and the definitive Action Force guide as far as I’m concerned!

    As I have the first edition of the book, I doubt I’ll buy it again (but you never know… might depend a bit on how that Brexit mess ends). But I can only recommend this book! And Jim is a super nice and helpful guy! 🙂

    Also glad to see production move from China to the UK. If it were up to me, we would move more production back over here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I co-sign this to the letter! I went all in last time around and couldn’t be more pleased with that decision. Jim is making it hard to be responsible and tap out this time around. Check out this stretch goal goodies!


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