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Next up in my reviews of Black Major’s collection of 10 new SEv2 variants dubbed  “The Last Chapter” is a look at the Outback Commando, just in time for a fashionably late edition of #BlackMajorMonday!

The Outback Commando is another offering from the “Last Commando” assortment whose color scheme left me a bit meh when he was initially released. Don’t get me wrong, The thought of an olive drab SEv2 wasn’t a bad thing, it was moreso that we had the Jungle Commando, so I didn’t know if we really needed 2 different offerings with similar schemes.

Boy, was I wrong! The base green on this figure, with brown and subtle red highlights, have really made this particular colorway a favorite of mine out of the recent releases. I would’ve never guessed that I would say that the color brown “pops”, but hey, here we are. I love the touch of red and silver. The loose bicep swivels can be frustrating, but with a bit of patience, you can get your Commando to hold poses without issue.

No Commando release would be complete without its signature accessories. For this release, the BMJC comes with a Black Sword, Green Back Pack, Black Uzi and a jet black Wolf with a white face and under belly with glowing red eyes that give it a fierce look.

Final verdict: The Outback Commando makes a fine edition to your G.I.Joe forces. Having him in hand really makes you want to take him outside, as he does his best work in the bush! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest review as much as I enjoyed putting it together! You can check out my other reviews of “Last Commando” offerings here:


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