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G.I.Joe Series Mini Back Wax Packs By Cncpt Crdz

Now this right here is all sorts of cool! From Cncpt Crdz comes the G.I.Joe Mini Back Wax Pack Trading Cards! Marching in from 1982 cloaked in a patriotic wax wrapper, these awesome offerings are touted as being exact mini replicas of the original 9 back GI JOE card backs. Each pack comes with all 9 cards from the original set. The front and back art has been painstakingly recreated.

The product page notes that the Wax wrapper is amazing! It brings back the colorful patriotic joy of the original GI JOE packaging from the 1980’s in a Waxy form that has to be seen and touched to be believed!

Now, only 82 sets of Series 1 are being made, so with only 25 left, you’ll want to get yours before they’re gone! You can grab your set here:


As if that wasn’t awesome enough, Series 2 of the G.I.Joe Mini Back Wax Packs are up for pre-sale!

Series 2 includes 9 cards marching in from 1983 and includes Tripwire, Gung-Ho, Doc, Torpedo, Snow Job, Airborne, Cobra Trooper, Cobra Officer and Cobra Commander!

Similar to Series 1, only 83 sets of Series 2 will be made, to make sure to grab a set sooner than later as these are sure to sell out quickly!

You can grab your set here, but quick heads up: If you purchase a pre-sale item, none of the other items in your order will ship until the pre-sale item(s) is/are ready.

GI JOE SERIES 2 MINI BACK! **PRE-SALE** – Surveillance Port

These sets look like all sorts of fun. Will you be adding them to your collection?

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