G.I.Joe Operation Blackout Character Profile Cut Scenes

Today’s the day! The highly anticipated G.I.Joe: Operation Blackout from Gamemill Entertainment drops today! Without missing a beat, John Smith has shared a collection of cut scenes from the Digtital Deluxe version of the game, showcasing G.I.Joe and Cobra Character profiles! Let’s check’em out –

The G.I.Joe character roster shared here includes characters in different uniforms along with a small bio. Characters profiled include:

  • Lady Jaye
  • Scarlett
  • Sci Fi
  • Roadblock
  • Snake Eyes
  • G.I.Joe Battalion (Green Shirts)
  • Extras – Characters sprinkled throughout the game include Ace, Dusty, Stalker, Mainframe, Wild Bill, Shipwreck, Gung Ho and Lifeline 

The Cobra side of things brings us looks at:

  • Cobra Commander
  • The Baroness
  • Firefly
  • Destro
  • Zartan
  • Storm Shadow
  • Cobra B.A.T.s
  • Extras – Cobra on-screen extras include: Alley Viper, Dr. Mindbender, Storm Shadow (Classic Uniform), Major Bludd, Scalpel and the Crimson Guard Commanders, Tomax & Xamot

I’m sure a ton of us will be playing this game all day today, so have fun, stay hydrated and make sure to share your thoughts on the game in the comments below!

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