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Eagle Force Returns R.I.O.T. Stealth Pilot carded image revealed

Back in 2016, a set of Eagle Force Returns trading cards were offered via Kickstarter by the fine folks at The Drawn Word and Fresh Monkey Fiction. The campaign was a hit and funded with ease. One of the rewards of the campaign was an exclusive figure offering, a R.I.O.T. Stealth Pilot.

Now, as you can imagine, with the unfortunate delay that hit Fresh Monkey Fiction and others overseas, the fate of the Stealth Pilot was locked with his Eagle Force Returns Contemporaries. As a matter of fact, the last time the Stealth Pilot was even on the radar was via an update from Fresh Monkey Fiction in 2017 when backers were advised of the scaling issue.

Fast forward to 2020 and the light at the end of the tunnel! Bill as shared an update on the Stealth Pilot, showcasing him in all his carded glory! Check it out –

From Bill / Fresh Monkey Fiction –


I wanted to finally share the image of the R.I.O.T. Stealth Pilot in package. This figure will ship toward the end of the year with the rest of the Eagle Force line. If you backed our other kickstarter your figure(s) will be shipped along with the others. The gliders will ship separately toward the end of the year from D&J Toys.

I’ll send an update as we get closer to shipping.



The R.I.O.T. Stealth Pilot looks all sorts of sharp, giving off a real old school henchman vibe. I can’t wait to have him in hand! 

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