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Black Major Toys Cobra Ghost Eel Pictorial Review

For this edition of #BlackMajorMonday, I’m taking a look at one of the fan favorite figures from the Black Major 2020 Trident Assortment, the Cobra Ghost Eel!

If you follow Black Major, then you know he’s been serving up “Ghost”, or all white offerings for quite some time now. It’s fitting that the Cobra Eel would get the Ghost Treatment, as it fits perfectly with the Snow Serpent that came out last year.

The Cobra Eel mold is the perfect host for the vibrant burst of all white used for the Ghost Eel, as the lack color makes all of the subtle details just pop off of the mold. That Red Cobra Logo just glows, as it looks like it’s floating on the Eel armor.

The Ghost Eel comes with all of the classic Eel gear, including Scuba pack and breather, fins and harpoon gun.

The Cobra Ghost Eel is one of those offerings that just feels “Boutique”. I’d try to grab this one if you haven’t already, as it just feels right, you know?

I hope you’ve dug this latest Black Major Monday Pictorial. Be sure to check out my other reviews of the Trident assortment so far –

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