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Earlier this week, eBay seller ssushop posted a large collection of unproduced colorways and prototype G.I.Joe offerings spanning the 00’s.

The same seller has posted even more items that coincide with earlier auctions (ie – more Anti Venom samples, Comic Pack colorways, etc). I’ve gathered the latest batch grouped them by assortment for your viewing pleasure. Check it out –

2004 G.I.Joe Toys’R’Us Exclusive Desert Patrol Squad

Another “Chocolate Chip” paint sample hits eBay, with Gung Ho hitting the front lines. His pack mate Tunnel Rat was part of the earlier wave of auctions linked above.

2004 Toys’R’Us Exclusive G.I.Joe Anti Venom Task Force

Another subgroup offered earlier this week was the Anti Venom Task Force. A test shot for Sideswipe is now available, joining his pack mates DukeRoadblockMutt and Charbroil.

2004 – 2006 Toys’R’Us Exclusive G.I.Joe Comic 3 Packs

Paint samples for Tommy Arashikage, Lonzo R. Wilkinson and CLASSIFIED (Storm Shadow, Stalker and Snake Eyes respectively) are posted. This fan favorite comic pack featured the 3 aforementioned characters in their time before G.I.Joe as soldiers in Vietnam. Also included in the grouping is a Cobra Trooper paint sample from a 2004 Comic Pack that also included Cobra Commander and the Baroness.

2006 DTC (Direct to Consumer)

Earlier auctions brought us 08-09 paint samples and prototypes. This time around, we’re treated to earlier DTC offerings, including the Cobra Trooper, Med Alert, Low Light and Grand Slam. Also included is a DTC/TRU shared exclusive Grim Skull proto from the Steel Brigade vs Plague 6 pack.

2006 G.I.Joe Collectors Club Exclusive

Our last entry in this latest batch is the Iron Grenadiers Nullifier figure from 2006. This figure was exclusive to the G.I.Joe Collectors Club and was eventually available in two colorways, first as the Club Incentive figure in traditional IG colors of Red, Black and Gold.

I’ve absolutely enjoyed sharing these auctions with you, as the assortment of figures is bringing back a flood of memories; Mostly of when the G.I.Joe community was really starting to grow its online presence. Good times!

That aside, will you be going after any of these latest samples? I may throw my hat in on one or two. Good luck to all that bid!

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