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Listing for Major Bludd Reappears In Target System

Many thanks go to John Smith for sharing word on a listing for Major Bludd found in Target’s system. Check it out alongside Major Bludd’s bio –

This find coincides with a list of G.I.Joe items revealed back in June. Now, take the following with a grain of salt; Rumor had/has it that Bludd was supposed to be released around the same time as Lady Jaye and Flint. Whether or not anything of this is factual remains to be seen.

Of note is that his DPCI reflects a general release figure and not a Target exclusive, whew.

Will you be adding Major Bludd to your Classified collection?

9 comments on “Listing for Major Bludd Reappears In Target System

  1. LittleWolvie

    If it’s not a Target exclusive, we might actually have a small chance we can add it to our collection. 😉

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  4. Shadows616

    Ugh, it would appear he is in fact another Cobra Island Target exclusive! For effs sake I hope they fix distribution issues on this, I’d love to get 1 (Just one!), C’mon Hasbro!!

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    • Fingers crossed that the thinking is right on this and there’s a Cobra Island AND regular retail release (would explain the different DPCI #’s).


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