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Next up in my reviews of Black Major’s collection of 10 new SEv2 variants dubbed  “The Last Chapter” is a look at theJungle Commando, just in time for a late night edition of #BlackMajorMonday!

The Jungle Commando is one of those figures where you look at the paint scheme and think to yourself “why didn’t Hasbro ever do that?”, as the color combination seems obvious for a Ninja Commando.

For the sake of keystrokes, I’m going to refer to the Black Major Jungle Commando as BMJC for the rest of the review (mostly because I’m lazy).

The BMJC has a color scheme that, as mentioned above, fits the job profile well. His base color of green, with black, cream, brown, black and red highlights really work well on the figure. Truth be told, I like him a lot more than I thought I was going to.

Unfortunately, as with all of the figures in this series, the BMJC’s arms are loose at the arm swivel. That said, the right arm on my figure is seized in place at the bicep, so posing for this gallery will be somewhat limited.

No Commando release would be complete without its signature accessories. For this release, the BMJC comes with a Black Sword, Green Back Pack, Black Uzi and a jet black Wolf with a white face and under belly with glowing red eyes that give it a fierce look.

The Jungle Commando makes a fine edition to your G.I.Joe Jungle forces. having him in hand really makes you wonder why it wasn’t done before. Make sure to take him outside, he does his best work in the bush! 🙂


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