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Rare Unreleased G.I.Joe BJs Exclusives and more Prototypes on eBay

Wow! Now here’s something you don’t see every day! First and foremost, many thanks go to Brent Resner for the heads up on this awesome find. With that said, let’s get to it!

eBay seller ssushop has posted a gaggle of unreleased G.I.Joe offerings – prototypes and more spanning the 00’s. Folks, please note: Some of these auctions end as early as this evening (10pm EST on October 4th), so make sure to click through and add any that you’re interested in to your watch list. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on any personal favorites.

From unproduced colorways to prototypes, there really is an absolute treasure trove of offerings available. I’ve gathered each listing that was still running and compiled them below for your viewing pleasure. As there were entirely too many too list individually, I’ve grouped them by collection. Check it out –

1997 – 2001 G.I.Joe and Cobra Vehicle Drivers

Let’s start off with pair of rarities, General Hawk from the 1997 G.I.Joe RAHC A-10 Thunderbolt and the Cobra Sub Viper from the 2001 Cobra Wave Crusher

Unproduced G.I. Joe 2002 BJ’s Exclusive 8-Pack

Available from 2002 BJ’s exclusive gift set are Dial-Tone, Firefly, Wet-Suit, Roadblock, Snake Eyes in previously unreleased colorways.

2002 – 2004 2 Pack Figures – Joe vs. Cobra, Spy Troops, Valor vs. Venom

There’s a wide assortment of figures from this range of offerings, including Joe vs Cobra Wild Bill, Joe vs Cobra Flint, Spy Troops Cobra Commander, Spy Troops Iron Grenadier, Spy Troops Over Kill, Spy Troops Sgt. Hacker, Spy Troops Shipwreck, Spy Troops Recondo, Spy Troops Wild Bill, Valor vs Venom Dusty, Valor vs Venom Sgt. Stalker, Valor vs Venom Kamakura

2004 G.I.Joe Toys’R’Us Exclusive Desert Patrol Squad

The only figure offered from “Chocolate Chip” assortment is Tunnel Rat.

2004 Toys’R’Us Exclusive G.I.Joe Anti Venom Task Force

Quite a few prototypes from the G.I.Joe AVTF are up for grabs, including Duke, Roadblock, Mutt and Charbroil.

2004 G.I.Joe Collectors Club Convention Exclusive Dreadnok Rampage; Escapade in the Everglades

Dreadnok Crusher, Dreadnok Ripper, Dreadnok Zarana, Tiger Force Beachhead are available from the 2004 GIJCC Convention set, with notation that they’re all prototypes.

2005 – 2006 G.I.Joe Comic 3 Packs

The Prototype Comic Pack offerings include Dreadnok Ripper, Sgt. Stalker, Agent Courtney Krieger (Cover girl), Cobra Red Ninja Viper, Classified (Snake Eyes).

2008 – 2009 DTC (Direct To Consumer)

Samples from the DTC line include Hasbro releases alongside Club exclusive offerings, namely Airtight, Night Viper, Lt. Falcon and Munitia.

Talk about a huge collection of protos, eh? There’s quite an assortment of G.I.Joe history up for grabs. For those of you that get in on the auctions, best of luck to you! 

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