The G.I.Joe panel at Hasbro PulseCon 2020 most definitely had fans of the line cheering from their favorite chair at home! On display were upcoming offerings from G.I.Joe Classified and G.I.Joe Retro. We’ll kick things off with G.I.Joe Classified –

Fans of the new 6 inch scale of G.I.Joe were in for quite a treat, as a gaggle of fan favorite characters were revealed, starting with none other than the master of disguise, Zartan!

Zartan looks absolutely brilliant. Need I say anything else? 😉

Up next is a figure that should surely please those who were unable to secure a Cobra Island themed Cobra Trooper…the Cobra Infantry!

The Cobra Infantry figure will see a wide release. As you’ll note, his color scheme is a smidge different, as is his load out. Regardless, hooray for Hasbro giving fans a decent crack at troop building!

Continuing the Cobra Island theme comes the announcement of two fan favorite characters included to the sub-line, starting with the Cobra Saboteur, Firefly!

I absolutely love this rendition of Firefly, as it gives us something new while honoring the look of the character. I loved the “damaged” look on his face. Plus, check out that drone! Yeah, I need this! Speaking of need, check this out –

Yeah, that’s right! The Cobra Viper makes is debut as part of the Cobra Island Subline! The figure is a fantastic update on the original and will undoubtedly be highly sought after.

Now, let’s switch gears over to G.I.Joe Retro.

To kick things off, fans were greeted with clear images of G.I.Joe Retro wave 2, consisting of Roadblock, Scarlett and Destro.

Sure, all 3 offerings are sharp, but with that said, nothing new to see here, right?…well, that is, unless you count this new Cobra FANG with Pilot!

That updated FANG is going to be a must have for many G.I.Joe collections!

All in all, the toy showing for G.I.Joe today was pretty awesome! Speaking of awesome, the Hasbro G.I.Joe team also shared word that a limited supply of G.I.Joe Classified Snake eyes (00) figures would be made available on Hasbro Pulse later today! Awesome news for those that missed out and aren’t too keen on the secondary market’s high prices.

Last, but not least, are a pair of fun tees with G.I.Joe Classified artwork on them. Some may scoff, but I for sure will be adding that Destro shirt to my collection! Check’em out –

That concludes my re-cap of the G.I.Joe panel from Hasbro PulseCon 2020. Don’t forget, all shown items will be up for pre-order on Target, Walmart and Hasbro Pulse today, Saturday, September 26th at 5pm EST. Happy hunting!

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