If you’re on the hunt for new G.I.Joe offerings, below you’ll find a link to the new G.I.Joe Classified and G.I.Joe Retro offerings revealed at Hasbro PulseCon 2020.

G.I.Joe Classified – Target

G.I.Joe Classified – Hasbro Pulse

G.I.Joe Retro – Walmart

Happy hunting to you all!

3 comments on “Hasbro PulseCon 2020 G.I.Joe Classified and Retro Pre-Order Links

  1. LittleWolvie

    Target Viper & Firefly sold out in 2 seconds… you wonder how many times you can fuck up as a company. Shame on both Hasbro & Target! Target should be banned from the exclusive partner list and Hasbro should beg their fans for forgiveness for the repeated fiasco’s and bring these figures to regular retail as quickly as possible. Not going to happen, but one can hope.

    I managed to pre-order the 2 regulars and the 4 inch classics in the UK (note that the 6-inchers already sold out over here as well, which shows you Hasbro is really messing up this line in a big way…. I guess the saying about the donkey not hitting the same stone twice doesn’t go for them). Not sure yet if we’ll get the Target and SDCC exclusives over here. I’m not holding my breath…

    I notice that in your list you also mention the Deluxe Snake Eyes again. Was it available again on Hasbro Pulse (that site that boasts Where Fans come First… but only if you live in the US and some parts of Canada)? That’s another kick in our European groin as well, as we’re still waiting for the first one of those to appear over here, while they didn’t seem to have a problem making it available in Asia.

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    • Indeed my friend, a limited supply of Toyfair Snake Eyes (00) offerings were made available and sold out rather quickly.

      As for the sell out, I can confirm that they were limited to 2 items per purchase. There just doesn’t seem like there was enough to go around; Absurd, considering it’s a preorder.


  2. LittleWolvie

    That sucks for the Deluxe Snake Eyes, well for me at least. I can’t order from Pulse. So, it wouldn’t have helped me much anyway. It’s the only one I’ve missed out on so far. But I refuse to pay $250 to scalpers on eBay.

    From what I understand, the problem with Target is that they refuse to put a simple captcha system in place at checkout. The result is that the whole stock is bought out in a couple of seconds by scalpers using a bot system. Its a repeat of what happened last time. I don’t understand that Hasbro let’s this happen. It reflects extremely bad on their image. You just need to check social media comments to see that.

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