In less than one hour from the time of this post, at 10:05 am EST, PulseCon day 2 kicks off and it’s chock full of panels you won’t want to miss!

A full calendar of events for the day can be found on the Hasbro PulseCon 2020 page. Here’s a breakdown:

10:05 AM EST Panelists: Hasbro G.I. Joe Brand Team

Even more news and reveals are waiting for you during the G.I. Joe event at Hasbro PulseCon! Tune in and be the first to see new items, find out which characters will be launched next, and get a peek inside our development process directly from our team. And if knowing is half the battle, you’re going to want to join in for G.I. Joe trivia and show off your expertise. Plus a special appearance from Henry Golding, star of the upcoming film Snake Eyes. Don’t miss all this plus other fun surprises we’ve got up our sleeves! YO JOE!

You can click through on the PulseCon page for a detailed breakdown on each panel (I only shared what pertained to G.I.Joe). 

On that note, it’s almost time to get started! I’ll be sharing updates on social media throughout the event, with an update here on the Port once it’s all said and done, so stay tuned! 


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