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There’s great news to share on the Eagle Force Pulp front – Chris Irving’s 7th Novella, Eagle Force Pulp: Skeletons in the Closet has reached initial funding in one day and is already charging towards its first stretch goal! Here’s the scoop –

I’m proud to bring Eagle Force back for more pulp stories, this time in a collection of short stories. I’m also really excited to have my best friend, Dalfonzo Williams, contribute another Eagle Force short story!

1982. Eagle Force awaits the newest incarnation of R.I.O.T. to make their next move.

Both Goldie Hawk and Lee Fine decide to explore Eagle Mountain on their weekend off, little suspecting the dangers that lurk behind the walls of their own headquarters–dangers that have lain dormant for almost a generation. 

Captain Eagle is about to realize the great legacy that leading Eagle Force entails–and discovers a personal connection that will change  him forever. Eagle Force all learn even they have “Skeletons in the Closet.”

1932. Young Jay Blackrope faces challenges and trials that no child should ever face. Blackrope’s first personal war is revealed here, in “Hide and Seek” by Dalfonzo Williams.

Finally, presented for the first time in print, is the short story “The Black Isle,” where both Lee Fine and Baron Von Chill unite for an unusual reason after the Eagle Force and R.I.O.T. war has come to an end.

This is all setting up Dalfonzo’s upcoming story featuring Coyote, which is due out early next year, as well as the clandestine fighting group Spy Force!

The campaign hit initial funding at $800; The campaign is now at $924, with its first stretch goal set for the $1,100. That stretch goal? Chris will catch us up on an old Agency member! 

Make sure to get your pledge in here: Eagle Force Pulp: Skeletons in the Closet


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