Tom Waltz Shares Details On G.I.Joe Untold Tales And Real American Yearbook

Tom Waltz of IDW Publishing has shared details on the upcoming “Untold Tales” run of A Real American Hero, alongside details on the American Hero Yearbook remake. The details include footnotes on each title, along with a selection of covers (A, B and RI). Check it out –

January, @IDWPublishing will be reprinting the classic #GIJoe A Real American Hero Yearbook #1, including a brand-new & amazing homage/tribute cover by @nethodiazz & @Adam_Guzowski! Our boys did #MichaelGolden proud! Keep an eye out for the official solicit soon. @Hasbro

***Updated Artwork Alert*** We noticed that a few things were a tad off (including the #SkyStriker‘s numerical fuselage insignia), so colorist extraordinaire @Adam_Guzowski came to the rescue! An already awesome homage just got MORE AWESOME!

The original #SnakeEyes stars in #GIJoe A Real American Hero #276 #UntoldTales #1! Living Legend #LarryHama ignites this blast from the past, teaming with artists @nethodiazz, @brian_shearer & @johnroyle_art! JOIN THE G.I. JOE ARMY!

Find out why a dog is a Military Policeman’s best friend (and battle buddy) in #GIJoe A Real American Hero #277 #UntoldTales Part 2! The #K9 handler for the tail…er, tale is Living Legend #LarryHama with top-dog artists @brian_shearer, @SLGallant & @johnroyle_art @IDWPublishing

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Not Living Legend #LarryHama! He’s bringing the cold and the cold-blooded to #GIJoe A Real American Hero #278 #UntoldTales Part 3, alongside artists @dannyschoening, @JSIandDESIGN & @johnroyle_art! @IDWPublishing@Hasbro@megan_mb

We take to the skies in #GIJoe A Real American Hero #279 #UntoldTales Part 4! Your pilot, as always, will be Living Legend #LarryHama — assisted on art & covers by @Ironhed2, @ficoossio & @johnroyle_art! JOIN THE G.I. JOE ARMY…er, AIR FORCE! @IDWPublishing@Hasbro@megan_mb

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