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Forgotten Figures Presents Rarities – 1995 Sea Wolf (Unproduced Whale)

As today is #WhaleWednesday, I wanted to take a look back at a fascinating segment from Forgotten Figures, namely another of his fantastic “Rarities” segments; This time with a focus on the Unproduced 1995 G.I.Joe Sea Wolf!

The Sea Wolf, based entirely on the G.I.Joe WHALE Hovercraft,  was planned to be an arctic themed release that utilized either a white or grey base for the whale instead of the classic olive green. It would appear that Arctic Combat was a big theme of 1995, as there seems to be quite a bit of art reflecting this environment.

We’ve only just begun to scrape the surface on the discussion of this vehicle, so make sure to check out Forgotten Figures full write-up here: Rarities – 1995 Sea Wolf (Unproduced Whale)

Is the Sea Wolf a vehicle that you would’ve added to your collection? I know I would have!

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