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B2FIVE Acid Rain World Abaddon Flame Trooper Set Pictorial Review

It’s time for another look at an amazing new B2.FIVE Acid Rain World offering! This time around, I’m checking out the Beaver WF4w‘s Wave 4A wave mate, the Abaddon Flame Trooper Set!

The Abaddon Flame Trooper Set comes in B2.Five’s signature packaging, featuring the contents of the set alongside character bios and other details. If you ask me, this set is an absolute must have, as it not only includes 2 Abaddon Flame Troopers, but also includes our 4th Bucks Team character, Argus! He joins Bob, Jack & Steel, with only King left to go.

What I love about the B2.Five Acid Rain World figure sets is that they’re never short on accessories. The Abaddon Flame Trooper set includes:

  • x2 Flame Throwers with Back Packs
  • x2 Assault Rifles
  • x3 Pistols
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Guile Suit

Each figure packing in a whopping 21 points of articulation, allowing you to put these fantastic accessories to good use. Speaking of which, let’s get to it, starting with the Abaddon Trooper!

Know to be a ferocious force on the battlefield, the Abaddon Flame Troopers are the Omanga Military force mainly responsible for close-range raids, effectively rooting out enemy garrisons and ambush teams.

I love the robotic look of the Abaddon Troops, but the Flame Trooper really pops. The orange highlights just jump right off of his armor, making him look absolutely menacing when carrying his signature flame thrower. That figure looks equally as awesome with his rifle or pistol in hand.

I’m so glad to have more Omanga to fight my Agurts military. The Abaddon Flame Trooper is a worthy adversary and a welcome addition to my Acid Rain World collection.

As noted earlier, alongside the Abaddon Flame Troopers comes our 4th Bucks Team member to grace the 2.5 scale, none other that Argus!

I absolutely love the Bucks Team and am fortunate enough to have owned this brilliant character in 1:18 scale. That said, Argus doesn’t lose a beat in this smaller form, Featuring his signature spider-eye helmet, guile suit and killer sniper rifle.

The B2.Five team has hit yet another home run with Argus. Just like Bob, Jack and Steel, Argus matches his 1:18 counterpart perfectly and is a ton of fun to fiddle with in hand. He too enjoys 21 points of articulation and looks absolutely BEAST posed with his sniper rifle.

I don’t want to seem impatient; However, I really cannot wait until we get King, rounding out the 5 main Bucks Team characters. They look brilliant together!

Friends, I leave you with this note – If you’re looking for a set to build out your ranks, then look no further than this set. You can grab yours here:

B2.Five Acid Rain World Products

I hope you’ve enjoyed this pictorial, as I had all sorts of fun reviewing this wave! Bring on 4B!

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