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Black Major Toys Bloodline Commando Pictorial Review

Next up in my reviews of Black Major’s collection of 10 new SEv2 variants dubbed  “The Last Chapter” is a look at the Bloodline Commando.

At first sight, the homage is obvious. That said and as referenced above, Rob Liefeld shared a Red tinted Snake Eyes recently, so your Bloodline Commando can serve as a homage to either this artwork, or a certain Merc with a mouth. 😉

For the sake of keystrokes, I’m going to refer to the Black Major Bloodline Commando as BMBC for the rest of the review (mostly because I’m lazy).

The BMBC has a color scheme that jumps of of the mold, with a rich bright red as the figure’s base color, with black highlights and brown accents. Unfortunately, as with all of the figures in this series, the BMBC’s arms are loose at the arm swivel. That said, the left arm on this figure is dramatically tighter than the right, so I’ll take what I can get! Other than a few paint misses here and there, this is a solid looking figure that I like a lot more than I thought I was going to.

No Commando release would be complete without its signature accessories. For this release, the BMBC comes with a Blood Red Sword, Back Pack, Uzi and a jet black Wolf with a red face and understand that really give it a menacing look.

After reviewing the Black Major Toys Bonecrusher Commando figure, I knew this wave was going to be a lot of fun to fiddle with. The BMBC definitely falls in to that category. Grab one while you can, as I can definitely see more than just Joe fans trying to add this particular release to their collection.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this release, so make sure to leave your comments below.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest Black Major Toys Gallery. Stay tuned as there’s a lot more in the pipeline!

3 comments on “Black Major Toys Bloodline Commando Pictorial Review

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  2. Phil Gassmann

    Where does one buy these figures? (Other than ebay?)

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