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B2FIVE Acid Rain World Beaver WF4w Pictorial Review

It’s hard to believe that it was way back in 2014 when I first set eyes on and fell in love with Kit Lau’s Beaver WF4a design. Here, check it out –

Cool, right? I was already over the moon for military based mecha, but one designed to be a utility mech? Like Aliens? Oh hell yes, count me in!

It would be 6 years until collectors would finally receive that design in toy form. Needless to say, when B2.Five dropped word that wave 4A of their Acid Rain World offerings would include the Beaver, I was beyond excited.

The Abaddon Flame Trooper/Bucks Team Argus set is the Beaver’s wave mate. We’ll for sure get in to that set later, but let’s get back to the reason we’re here, the Beaver!

As with all B2.Five Acid Rain World releases, the Beaver’s packaging is top notch. Bubble wrapped and shipped inside of a thick double-walled box, the Beaver arrived unscathed and ready for action!

The box really pops, with yellow and black featured throughout the design and artwork on the packaging. The Agurts Worker and Beaver are housed inside of a plastic clam shell, ready to be freed and ready to get to work!

The Beaver comes with a very similar build style to the Stronghold & Chapel. What really sets the Beaver apart is the cab that extends outwards from the body of the vehicle. Both arms include extendable outriggers with retractable/interchangeable claws. Also included are (2) drill bit attachments to help the Beaver get through any obstacle imaginable. The legs are the same as the aforementioned heavy vehicles, so the Beaver has his choice of pants for any occasion. 🙂


Behold! The Beaver in all it’s awesome utility Glory!

It’s said that the Beaver is an innovative construction vehicle that runs on clean energy. It was developed by Agurts’ Laurel Inc; It’s widely used i agriculture and industry. It’s militarized version can transform into a strong mobile fortress.

In mech/robot form, the Beaver is just pure awesome. It’s function as a “construction” vehicle isn’t missed, as it’s bright yellow base, with black and gray highlights, really pop. It’s outriggers (arms) extend outwards and open to a clamping claw. They can be swapped out with drill bits, allowing your Beaver to dig through any terrain that might impede it’s progress. The “foot rests” have been replaced with awesome details, such as outrigger rods (awesome!)

**Note – Of particular interest is the branding on the toy as opposed to the branding on the box. Whereas the packaging reads “WF4w”, the branding on the vehicle itelf reflects “WF4a”, the original designation for the Beaver as illustrated by the artwork I shared earlier. Pretty cool, eh?

The Beaver’s Vehicle form is equally as impressive as it’s Mech form. The extended cab really sets this vehicle apart from other Strongholds, with his roll cage design and floodlights. The large “07” just pops off of the door, as do all the exhaust deails painted throughout. Playing on the “clean energy” idea, the Beaver has a fuel cell that can be replaced by the included worker or any other B2.Five figure offering.

Now..here’s something really cool – I believe that this may be an escape pod feature? Perhaps it was the only way to modify the Stronghold frame…but either way, The COCKPIT DETACHES FROM THE VEHICLE!!

Seriously, the amount of playability in the Beaver is staggering. That said, its pilot, the Acid Rain World Worker, is equally as fun.

He’s sporting an orange jumpsuit that is soiled, along with a 3 filtered gas mask, goggles and hard hat. He features the same insane articulation as you’ve come to expect from B2.Five offerings, with articulation at his Head, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, waist, Ab, hip, thigh, knee and ankle. *WHEW* that’s a lot!

B2.Five did an outstanding job equipping him, as he comes with a Wrench, a Ratchet, Sheers that can be carried on his back and a uber-cool Chainsaw.

Folks, did I mention that the Worker has a flippin’ chainsaw?! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Ahem. Pardon. Moving on.

I wanted to wrap up this review with a few fun shots of the Beaver doing what it does best – WORK. The images below show the Beaver rescuing a Jungle Speeder and its Pilot after being caught in a landslide.

I think it goes without saying that I recommend this vehicle. Folks, with that said, I REALLY recommend this vehicle. Even if you’re not big in to the whole Acid Rain World vibe, the Beaver shines on its own merit and would be a welcomed addition to any collection.

Make sure to grab yours from b2five.com as this is one release you won’t want to miss out on. I had an absolute pleasure reviewing this piece and I hope you enjoyed tagging along for the ride! As always, your feedback is always welcomed, so make sure to drop those comments below.

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