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John Royle Shares Finished Artwork For G.I.Joe 274

It was way back in October of 2019 when John Royle introduced us to the linework for G.I.Joe 274. Now, John graces us with the full color version of this masterpiece, as it’s slated to be the Retailer Incentive cover for G.I.Joe A Real American Hero #274. Check it out –

Out tomorrow!Grinning faceMy G.I.Joe cover starring Cobras CopperHead! Issue 274 Lovely colours and inks from James Offredi and Jagdish. I Enjoyed drawing Cobra CopperHead for the first time! YoJoe! #gijoe #idw #idwpublishing #copperhead #cobracopperhead #hasbro

I’d love to have a book collecting all of John’s work, wouldn’t you? *hint hint wink wink, IDW*. 

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