Action Figure Industries Reveal Upcoming G.I.Joe Classified Assortments

This past weekend, Action Figure Industries shared word on a pair of 6″ G.I.Joe assortments coming our way. The kicker here? News outlets and retailers here in the States were told to keep it under wraps. Good thing our friends down under aren’t held to the same guidelines.

Included in the assortment are:

  • Snake Eyes
  • Storm Shadow 
  • Lady Jaye
  • Zartan
  • Cobra Trooper

Of note: Both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are noted as movie tie-ins. Also of note is the fact that the Baroness, Scarlett and Roadblock were noted as “fillers” for the assortments, with Baroness in wave 3, Scarlett and Roadblock in wave 4. Whether or not that is accurate remains to be seen, but time will tell.

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