Less Than a Week To Go For Morphonauts Wave 2 Kickstarter Campaign

Heads up! The Morphonauts Magnetic Action Figures Kickstarter campaign has 5 days to go to reach funding! The campaign is currently sitting at just under 55% of its initial funding goal. With your help, not only can we push this over the top, but we can unlock a few stretch goals, too!

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the campaign, here’s the scoop –

Morphonauts are highly customizable magnetic action figures and vehicles that are designed to ignite creativity in everyone.  Each figure and vehicle has magnetic interchangeable parts.  This unique system makes it easy and fun to mix and match limbs to create your own hero, villain, or even an entire customized army.



Morphonauts launched a few years ago. With the success of Wave 1 and demand for more figures, Wave 2 figures have been updated with more articulation, magnetic strength, more popular scale, and color options.


This new set of Wave 2 figures are now the standard 4″ (1/18th scale) so they can work with other popular brands at that scale. They now have 25 points of articulation compared to Wave 1 which featured 13 points of articulation.



Each magnetic action figure has 4 patented polygonal metal joints attached to 3 powerful Rare Earth (Neodymium) magnets secured inside the torso.  These strong magnets have over 7 lbs of pull strength each, which will lock your figure together tightly so they will remain strong and secured together while giving your figure maximum limb mobility.

In addition to the interchangable joints. The magnets are strong enough that the figures can magnetize to metal objects around the house even through the plastic torso.  You can attach them to a metal lamp to display on your desk, add them to a diorama with metal parts or even try them out on the fridge.

Each figure now has 3 accent color options with more to be unlocked with stretch goals.  You can choose your figures to be in their original color unique to that figure or you can get them in squad colors so they will stay color uniformed as you mix and match parts between figures.  Of course there is always the option to get them in all the colors for maximum customization options and army building.

I’ve included images of the single figure reward offerings. Check out the campaign for full bundle offers, including 3, 6 and 9 packs of these awesome figures!


You can get your pledge in here: Morphonauts Wave 2 Magnetic Action Figures and Vehicles Kickstarter Campaign

These wave 2 offerings look killer! Let’s get to that 100K mark, as I need that honkin’ big armor vehicle bot piece of awesome in my collection. Speaking of which, make sure to hit the Morphonauts store on Amazon and add wave 1 to your collection!

Give a follow to the Morphonauts social media pages so that you can get all the latest info on wave 2 and beyond!

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