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Black Major Toys Bonecrusher Commando Pictorial Review

In case you missed the word, Black Major announced “The Last Chapter”, a collection of 10 new SEv2 variants. The 3rd wave of Commando offerings brings us an assortment of killer paint decos, as illustrated by this first pictorial from the series.

My first pictorial focuses on one of the more unique paint schemes offered throughout the SEv2 series, the Bonecrusher Commando! Let’s get to it!

It might be the 80s kid in me, but the minute I saw this deco, I thought “Karate Kid”. That’s because the SEv2 that we all know and love is covered in a black base coat, with a white skeleton painted crudely over. The face has a cackling grin, almost like Jack Skellington.

Now, although I love the paint job on this particular offering, there are a pair of QC concerns that need to be shared with you so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not to add this offering to your collection –

Aside from the sword issue (where the sword has to be attached to the back pack at a side angle rather than flat), the Bonecrusher Commando has arms that are loose at the bicep swivel. This caused issues when trying to pose the figure for pictures, although I did not find the left arm to be anywhere near as bad as the right.

As with previous SEv2 releases the Bonecrusher Commando comes with an Uzi, a sword, back pack and Wolf sidekick. Speaking of which, check him out –

All in all, the Major is going out with a BANG on this final assortment of Commandos. Stay tuned for more as there’s 9 more figures in this series to go!

Black Major Toys 2020 The Last Chapter Bonecrusher Commando SEv2 - Surveillance Port 30

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