Lauren Dellapa Shares Look At Arctic Scarlett 3D Designs

By way of Preternia comes word of a collection of gorgeous digital sculpting designs shared by Lauren Dellapa.

Lauren is an artist that currently works for Hasbro, so it’s no surprise that her name would be associated with G.I.Joe work. Whether nor not this version of Scarlett and her sidekick will see release remains to be seen – Could this have been an action figure design? Video game design? Both?


No speculation needed! Ms. Dellapa was kind enough to reach out to me and share the details and this gorgeous artwork – Turns out that this is art that she created for a workshop; It was done as a sort of art test long before she was a part of the Hasbro family.

Sorry, my friends, but this look at Scarlett does not represent an actual product concept. That said though, I still need this in my collection. Check it out –

As you can see from the 3D sculpts, Scarlett is featured alongside a pretty awesome Sabertooth Tiger that appears to have the ability to haul her gear, namely her arrow quiver. Plus, look at that mask! Snake Eyes v4 much? I hope this design makes its way in to the masses somehow!

Make sure to keep it locked on the Art of Lauren Dellapa for more killer art from Lauren.

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