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Surveys Inbound For GV Pop 80s Vol 2

Heads up! If you got in on the GV Pop 80s Vol. 2 by George Vega Art, then you’re going to want to keep it locked on your inbox, as George has sent out word that surveys will be coming our way soon! Here’s the scoop –

GV Pop 80s vol 2 Banner - Surveillance Port

So, I’m super thrilled to have you all on board and am working hard on getting a stellar book into your hands. 

Expect surveys to go out this week so keep an eye out so you can get back to me with your request, for those who get one,  as per the email you will receive. 

Heck yeah! Now, just a reminder – Backers from the 1st 24hrs will get the exclusive mini print below:

I’m so happy for George and cannot wait to add vol. 2 to my collection! So, to re-cap, make sure to keep it locked as the sooner we get our surveys in, the faster we get some awesome in the mail! 😀

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