Black Major Toys Eel Replicant Pictorial Review

Why wait until #BlackMajorMonday when we can check out another Eel pictorial today! This time around, I’m taking a closer look at the Eel Replicant being served up by Black Major Toys.


Let’s dive in to the figure (get it? BECAUSE HES A FROGMAN…sigh sorry). As mentioned earlier, the Eel Replicant is a gorgeous figure. Its paint scheme feels like the natural progression of the Cobra Eel uniform. The red, black and gray really play well on one another…but then again, it did on the original as well.


The Eel Replicant includes all v1 Eel gear alongside the 3 pack of heavy weaponry that we’ll get in to in a minute. I love how the wetsuit on this figure is all black, with his gear in red and gray. It really pops off of the suit itself.

This is one figure that I was super excited to receive in hand, as not only does this particular release look the most like its v1 counterpart it included a 3 pack of weaponry that was only available with the initial batch of offerings.

Needless to say, an RPG and additional heavy weaponry are a much welcome addition to my armory!

The Replicant really fits in well alongside its v1 counterpart and I’m excited to have it in my collection. If you’d like to add it to yours, make sure to look up Black Major Toys on eBay and social media!

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