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Target Pre Orders for Special Missions Cobra Island Fail As Bots Win The Day

If you were like me, you were eagerly awaiting the drop of G.I.Joe Classified offerings on Target.com this morning at 0900 EST sharp.

Up for grabs were (4) new offerings – Baroness with her C.O.I.L. Cycle, a Cobra Trooper, Beach Head and a new version Roadblock. Here’s a quick package shot of each –

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Each card back for the single figure offerings had a piece of a Cobra Island map. whereas the Baroness’ box reflects the full map –

G.I.Joe Classified Special Missions Cobra Island - Surveillance Port

The problem was, G.I.Joe fans weren’t the only ones waiting….scalpers and their trusty bots were up bright and early as well. At 0900, the listings went from coming soon to sold out.

If you guessed that the entire assortment was already on eBay at quadruple the price…then yep, you’d have guessed right!

This is not a good look for G.I.Joe, as the brand is trying to get back on the forefront. Folks like me that weren’t too interested in a 6″ line to begin with will be even more turned off now.

Apparently it wasn’t just G.I.Joe today either. Star Wars  and Transformers fans were hit with immediate sell outs as well.

What are your thoughts on this messy situation? Will you still try to add these to your collection on the official release date? Or will you be skipping them all together? I personally will still try my luck at a Baroness figure, but otherwise, meh to the rest.

6 comments on “Target Pre Orders for Special Missions Cobra Island Fail As Bots Win The Day

  1. Are collectors buying from scalpers? If we all stopped buying from them, would that help discourage?

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  2. This made me so mad. I want to reach out to hasbro and suggest that maybe it becomes more of a lottery or club level set of purchases. I am not gonna buy from resellers!

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  3. Awesomus Maximus

    They’ll be available at retail. Not sure why everyone is losing their minds.

    ALso, The whole “Dont buy from xx and prices will fall’ argument is trash.

    By that account if we all don’t go to sporting events the ticket prices will fall to… free?!

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    • I think the initial sell out caused most of the frustration. I agree though, time to move on and way for mass release.

      As for the “don’t buy” example, I’d say that it’s somewhat accurate – If no one buys in at the $120 price tag, sellers will drop the price in order to move their item(s), or risk getting stuck with stock.

      As for the baseball ticket analogy…Sadly Bud, I live in the Tampa Bay Rays market…yeah, ticket prices do fall to free, lol.

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