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Pre Orders Open for Larry Hama Action Figure Re-release

Standing at 4” high, the Larry Hama figure features an original Hama head sculpt by Nick Whitmore and original art card by Adam Riches. This figure is perfectly suited for adventures at a convention, on a stage, or even tackling the might of a deadline.

FMF previously used Kickstarter to fund an initial run of the Larry Hama action figure but this figure was so popular they’ve decided to produce an extra run so all fans of Larry can own this unique collectible.  This version includes a set of interchangeable hands and USS Flagg hat designed by Troy Mackie. (You can also get your very own USS Flagg hat by going to Troy’s site)

They’re not going the Kickstarter route, but instead are doing their own version of a crowd funding campaign we’ve called…


This new approach will allow FMF to have a more flexible pre-order system via Backerkit so that they can manage our orders.

If FMF can achieve their goal of a minimum of 150 units by September 1st 2020 we’ll be able to fund the costs for an extra run of figures! Let’s go get it!

Larry Hama v2 Artwork Promo - Surveillance Port

Delivery Q1 2021

A minimum of 150 units need to be pre-ordered for us to “Fund It”



Terms and Conditions

By purchasing these items through the Fresh Monkey Fiction website, you acknowledge that this a pre-order sale for the item(s) in your cart, along with the following:

  • The purchase being a pre-order, these items will be delivered in Q1 2021.

  • You must agree to use Backerkit to manage your pre-order.

  • Your card will NOT be charged when you place your order. We will ONLY charge cards when we have reached our funding goal outlined above. If we DO NOT meet our funding goal by Sept 1st 2020, cards will not be charged and these figures will not be produced.

  • Once the product is received from our factory these items will be inventoried and then we will begin shipping to all pre-order customers. Fulfillment of all pre-orders is expected to take up to 4 weeks.

  • We will only agree to delivery of items to addresses that are provided via our Backerkit survey. You are responsible for updating your delivery address.

  • Postage totals are estimates based on USPS rates at the time of billing.

  • Public updates on production and timelines will be available via the Fresh Monkey Fiction social media sites, including Facebook Instagram as well as the Fresh Monkey Fiction mailing list. To insure you have all the latest update we encourage you to sign up to our mailing list to get our monthly newsletter.

  • If you need to adjust your order before Sept, 1st 2020. Please reach out to BackerKit support at https://help.backerkit.com/article/552-how-do-i-contact-backer-support


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