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New Details Emerge On G.I.Joe Retro Line

Many thanks to Udana W. aka SilverOptimus and JTPrime17 for sharing more details on the upcoming Walmart exclusive G.I.Joe retro line. This latest batch of info gives us a breakdown on wave 1 and 2. For those that have been keeping score with the G.I.Joe Classified line, you’ll note that the code names here are the same. Here’s the scoop –

GI Joe A Real American Hero Retro Banner - Surveillance Port

Wave 1 Figures:

Wave 1 Vehicles: 

Wave 2:

Back in April, I shared a list of SKUs and pages pertaining to the figures and vehicles listed above. What’s interesting to note is each page has been “scrubbed” of place holder information. Perhaps in anticipation of this Friday’s Collector Con event? Time will tell, but needless to say, I’m getting excited!

Stay tuned for more!

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