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JOY TOY 暗源 shares Images Of New Battle For The Stars Hurricane Off Road Vehicle

JOY TOY – 暗源 has shared a large gallery of images, showcasing their new 1:18 scale Hurricane Off-Road Vehicle, a first in their portfolio of offerings.

The Hurricane is being offered as part of Joy Toy’s Battle for the Stars sub line. It looks like a beast of a vehicle! I’ve mirrored the shared images below. First, let’s check out the outer body design of the Hurricane –

The Hurricane ORV features:

  • Detailed painting
  • Transparent plastic parts for windows & lights
  • Opening hood with detailed engine compartment
  • Rotating Turret (1 figure capacity)
  • Door Pedals form a Bunker (!!!)
  • Storage for weaponry and/or props
  • Removable fuel tank
  • Opening trunk
  • size: L16″ x W7″ x H8″

Joy Toy also gave us a good look at the details of the Hurricane; Needless to say, this is one vehicle that I most definitely want in my motor pool. Check it out –

Please note: The Hurricane does not come with a driver. With an expected release date of early October 2020, you have more than enough time to select someone to take the wheel of this beast of a vehicle!


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