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Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Action Figure Pictorial Review

In March of 2017, Fresh Monkey Fiction set out to bring 1:18 scale fans a grail for their collections – a Larry Hama action figure. 748 backers threw down to bring Larry to life in plastic form…but it would seem that, for the immediate future, fate had different plans.

TL/DR – Shady factory manager lead to a 3 year delay. Fast forward to this past week, where a lot of hard work lead to the delivery of a figure that was a long time coming.

May I present to you the Larry Hama Action Figure by Fresh Monkey Fiction & Zica Toys:

Represented above is what backers would receive at the Deluxe level –

  • A Standard Larry Hama Action Figure
  • Larry Metal Card
  • Larry Trading Card (signed)
  • Hama’s Premium Grape Soda Sticker
  • Arashikage Baseball Cap

Let’s start things off with Larry’s Card art, done by none other that Artist Extraordinaire, Adam Riches!

Adam is a G.I.Joe pro, so it goes without saying that he did an outstanding job capturing the look and feel of a vintage ARAH explosion background. The Larry art is so good it almost looks real, as if Larry was going to jump right off of the card itself.

A neat feature on the card back is an area where you can ask Larry to sign you figure. Hopefully we get out of this pandemic soon so we can make that happen!

Now, no Larry Hama figure would be complete without a file card! I love it, as it says everything without saying anything. All in all, I absolutely love the card here. What I wish we could’ve see was a resealable clam shell style, but eh, nothing an exacto and a bit of patience can’t take care of.

Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Action Figure - Surveillance Port 10

The first stretch goal offered was a cool “Hamas Premium Grape Soda” sticker, something no self respecting Dreadnok could live without. I’m a total geek for stickers, so this goal was right up my alley. It’s well made, with rich purple that pops against the black & white background.

The next set of stretch goals were created by the oh-so-awesome Drawn Word Cards. First up was this killer Larry Hama metal card. Fun fact: This card was supposed to be signed by Larry. Turns out that it couldn’t be, but no worries, at it’s cool enough on its own.

**PLEASE NOTE – At no additional cost to Backers, Fresh Monkey Fiction included a plate signed by Larry that sticks on, making up for the metal card. I did not take pictures of it for this review, for no other reason than DERP, I forgot that they existed. I’ll update ASAP. Sorry everyone.


The final stretch goal was this uber cool Larry Hama trading card, featuring Larry bringing the heat on the front, with a sketch of Larry on the back alongside a quote.

Now that we looked over the fun stretch goals, let’s take a look at the meat and potatoes of the campaign, the Larry Hama Action Figure!

Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Action Figure - Surveillance Port 02

The Larry Hama comes presented in a sealed bubble style card. He comes packaged with an assortment of hands that allow you to pose your figure as you see fit. Now, speaking of posing, before we continue, let me note that a warning came with Larry, indicating that one must heat the figure up to avoid breakage, as his joints were entirely too tight –

Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Action Figure - Surveillance Port 39

Ok, now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, let’s continue, shall we?

Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Action Figure - Surveillance Port 13

Larry comes sporting a green leather jacket, black shirt, blue pants and black shoes. He’s a 1:18 scale figure with modern era articulation, featuring movement at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, knees and ankles.

The detail in the sculpt is fantastic, as Larry’s jacket looks real. I like the subtle gray in his hair as it gives him a distinguished look. As he features modern articulation, he has a full range of movement, from double jointed knees to articulated wrists.

Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Action Figure - Surveillance Port 26

He came with an additional (5) pairs of hands, ranging from closed fists to trigger fingers, etc. Kinda neat how the one of the hands features individual fingers.

Now, before I go in to the next item, please note that it was considered the “secret accessory” included with the campaign. That said, since I’ve seen so many folks share it across the ‘net, I followed suit….so without further adieu *SPOILER ALERT*

Here’s a B&W image of Larry to give you another second before scrolling, just to make sure you want to check out the accessory.

Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Action Figure - Surveillance Port 25

Can’t say I didn’t warn you. Alright, check this out –


Heck yeah! The secret accessory is this awesome Arashikage baseball cap, a Larry Hama staple and an absolutely perfectly fitting accessory.

Three years, folks. It took three years for Bill and the team at Fresh Monkey Fiction to come up with a hail mary that would allow them to complete a project that was turned upside down by a corrupt project manager in a different country.

They did it. This figure is awesome and I am beyond thankful to have it as part of my collection.

For those of you that missed out, don’t you worry about a thing. Any remaining stock will be available on the Fresh Monkey Fiction website. If you miss it there, you can also grab it next year as a re-release is coming out way; This time, rocking a USS Flagg baseball cap!

With that, I leave you with an encounter I call “You picked the wrong one”. In it, Metal Head encounters our hero and makes the mistake of saying 4 words that would cause him to eat his own words (literally)…”nice hat, old man.”

I hope that you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed sharing it! Congrats once again to Bill, Larry and all those involved with this awesome piece of action figure history!

Fresh Monkey Fiction Larry Hama Action Figure - Surveillance Port 37

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  1. Etis Bew

    I never understood the fanboy cult of personality that desires action figures of media creators. At least he backers finally got their figures.


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