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Black Major Toys Copperhead Swamp Eel Pictorial Review

For this edition of #BlackMajorMonday, I dusted off the old light box and got my hands on a selection of new Black Major offerings, namely the amazing new Eel collection!

First up is the Copperhead Swamp Eel offered by s_c_o_t_t_13_ on instagram! Let’s check him out –

When word first dropped that Black Major would be offering a series of Eel based customs, the collecting community was beyond excited. Fast forward to the day when these new customs dropped and it was clear that our excitement wasn’t misplaced.

It’s been awhile since I pulled out my light tent and made pretend that I knew how to take pics, but this is one series that I knew I couldn’t miss out on!

This first selection is one that immediately popped out to me. An Eel in Copperhead colors? Oh heck yeah, gimme! The color scheme is lighter than that of the original Copperhead, it gives the Eel a real feel of being in a division that reports straight to the Swamp King himself…now if only I didn’t sell mine so that I could use him here. Sigh, moving on…

The Copperhead Swamp Eel really POPS, sporting a teal and bright green uniform with black accents and red highlights. He has a silver cobra emblem, similar to that of Copperhead, that seems to just float of off his wet suit.

His gear is a vibrant green and is the same you’d expect to come with an Eel:

  • 2 part backpack
  • Breathing Hose
  • Harpoon Gun
  • Flippers

The gear on this particular specimen fit perfectly. Now, that’s not to say its without its flaws – The rivet in the right elbow of mine was really loose (no worries, easy fix).

The Copperhead Swamp Eel looks really sharp alongside the original. I really appreciate the attention that was paid to making sure the paint masks were done right, as the red on his chest and helmet really compliment the entire look.

I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to add this figure to my collection. If you’re able to, I’d recommend reaching out to s_c_o_t_t_13_ on instagram and grabbing one for your custom shelf as this is one figure that is a must have in my opinion!

Throughout the coming weeks I’ll be checking out more Custom Eel offerings from not only Scott, but Breetz78 and BlackMajorToys as well, so stay tuned for more!

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