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Sgt Slaughter Joins Action Force

Bobby Vala has been teasing a big reveal and the time finally here! Check it out –

That’s right! Today word was received that none other than the Sarge himself, Sgt. Slaughter, is joining Action Force!

The newest member of Action Force is here, Sgt Slaughter!!!

Valaverse has partnered with the iconic superstar to bring him to life as an all new action figure.  This 1:12 scale Action Force Sgt Slaughter features 36 points of articulation as well as multiple accessories and a display stand.  The Action Force Sgt Slaughter figure is currently available for pre-order on CrowdOx and will ship in early 2021 will the rest of Action Force Series One.  Follow the link below to add Sarge to your existing Action Force order or place a new order for these premium collector action figures.  


Follow Valaverse on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on more news and Sgt Slaughter’s inclusion in the Action Force brand.   

Make sure to head over to CrowdOx now to add the Sarge to your collection, MAGGOT!


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