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New G.I.Joe Classified Images Leak Ahead Of G.I.Joe Themed Fan First Friday

Last night, Twitter user Jordamus Prime sent shock waves across the GI.Joe community with an assortment of G.I.Joe Classified images ahead of today’s Fan First Friday event. The pics give us a look at (3) characters we had not seen as of yet (only heard via rumors) alongside Cobra Commander. The assortment included –

G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Profit Director Destro PDD - Surveillance Port

Profit Director Destro – Ah, PDD..you either love him, or hate him. I adore him. The fact that Hasbro kept the “PDD” acronym is brilliant. This is one figure I will for sure be adding to my collection in duplicate.

G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Commander - Surveillance Port

Cobra Commander – Initially seen doing that disastrous NTWRK drop, Cobra Commander looks great in this darker Cobra Blue color scheme.

G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Red Ninja - Surveillance Port

Red Ninja – There is a lot of talk across the community regarding this figure. Some see it as overkill, others see it as a refreshing take on the tired Ninja concept. I personally think he’s pretty cool, but I don’t see adding him to my collection.

G.I.Joe Classified Gung Ho - Surveillance Port

Last, but certainly not least is Gung Ho. Although the Ragin’ Cajun looks great, there are a few things that could be fixed – His tattoo, of course..and correct me if I’m wrong, but did Gung Ho switch over to the Army? Why is he wearing rank on his lid?

Word has been out for some time now that wave 2 included Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Alley Viper, Red Ninja and Gung Ho. As we’ve now seen most of the wave, will today be the day we feast our eyes on the rest of the wave and possibly the Retro line as well?

I’m beyond excited to see what else Hasbro brings to the table today for G.I.Joe fans, so make sure to tune in to the G.I.Joe Facebook Page today at 12:30pm EST for Fan First Friday! I’ll see you there!


1 comment on “New G.I.Joe Classified Images Leak Ahead Of G.I.Joe Themed Fan First Friday

  1. Gung Ho likely doesn’t have the EGA (Eagle, Globe and Anchor) tat due to the official USMC Trademark and Licensing Office. Their mission “in ongoing and continuous operations, registers trademarks, licenses commercial companies, conducts enforcement and educates trademark users worldwide to protect and enhance the Marine Corps brand in the commercial marketplace.”

    So Hasbro probably didn’t want to pay royalties to a government entity (what happened to We The People?) to use the likeness. I guess even us Marines don’t truly ‘Earn the Title’ anymore.

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