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Greg Horn Art Snake Eyes Dead Game Pre Orders Kick Off Today at 1pm EST

Reminder: Pre-orders for the amazing variant covers created by Greg Horn for Snake Eyes: Dead Game kick off today at 1pm EST!

This 3 piece set will be available in less than 5 hours, so make sure to keep it locked to Greg Horn Art to add this series to your G.I.Joe comic book collection! Check it out –

Greg Horn Loose Lips Snake Eyes - Surveillance Port

This is my new cover for SNAKE EYES: DEADGAME #1. It’s the first in a series of 3 propaganda-style posters I’ve got planned for the pre-sale on Monday. …I hope somebody gets the dad joke I’ve inserted into this.

Greg Horn I want you Baroness - Surveillance Port

Stop your clocks and grab your socks! Time to the heed the call! The Enemy is everywhere, people — especially within! Trust no one! Stay Silent or answer the call! But you must choose a side!

This here’s the 2nd of 3 variant cover for SNAKE EYES: DEADGAME #1. I’m a Joe all the way, but this poster is so powerful..and potent…even MY patriotic loyalties are divided >chews fingernails< .

Gregn Horn Art Snake Eyes Dead Game Crimson Strike Baroness - Surveillance Port

Better off dead than red? Not necessarily! I have besuited the Baroness in her best blood-hued bustier! 😁
Her costume is traditionally black.. do you have a preference??


Are you going after any of these covers? Maybe all 3? Or are you skipping them all together?

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