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Larry Hama Action Figures Begin Shipping Next Week

Larry Hama Kickstarter Banner - Surveillance Port

It’s been a long road, my friends, but I’m beyond excited to share the following news with you! Bill from Fresh Monkey Fiction has advised that the Larry Hama Action Figure will begin shipping next week!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the long road that this figure had to travel, Bill and other Action Figure Artisans encountered difficulties in China during their production process. The issues caused delays for many outfits, Fresh Monkey Fiction included.

That brings us to today, when the Kickstarter Update that we’ve all been waiting for was shared! Even better news? If you missed getting a chance at a figure, a second run will be coming our way in 2021! Check it out –

The Larry Hama shipment has landed and now that addresses are locked we will start fulfillment next week.

We’ll be filling orders over the next 4-6 weeks and you’ll receive a tracking notification via backer-kit when your order is shipped. Please don’t email us to ask where your order is until we have an opportunity to full all our orders.

We don’t anticipate having any remaining stock at this time. We will be opening up pre-orders next month for an additional run that will deliver in early Q2 2021. We’ll make a post on Kickstarter and social media when we open up the pre-order window.

Thanks for sticking with us through this journey, it was a crazy ride, but it was worth it so we can add Larry to our collections.


There you have it! We’ll have Mr. Hama on our shelves before we know it! I’ll be sure to share pics of mine the minute it gets here!

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