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REMINDER – G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Commander Drops Today On NTWRK

REMINDER – The G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Commander figure will be dropping tonight via the NTWRK app at 8pm. Unfortunately, I  can’t advise whether that’s Eastern or Pacific time, as it hasn’t been noted. One would assume that it’s Pacific a NTWRK is based on the Western Seaboard, but best to check at 8pm Eastern as well, just in case.

NTWRK Cobra commander Details - Surveillance Port

Now, for clarity’s sake, there’s a few sites out there that are claiming/stating that because the verbiage above says “product colors may vary”, that this version of CC is not what will be received.

That is inaccurate; Noting that colors may be different is because your screen might not show the same color blue as someone else. Either way, you’ll have to wait until September to see what you purchased. All sales are final, so if you jump on the bandwagon, make sure to sit down as you’re in for the whole ride.

Will you be adding Cobra Commander to your collection? I thought I was going to before, but now, I think I’ll pass.

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