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Hasbro Launches Revamped Official G.I.Joe Website

Heads up! This is news that I’m beyond excited to share! Hasbro has officially revamped and relaunched the G.I.Joe website!

There are a multitude of areas to explore on the new site, including –

GI Joe History - Surveillance Port

GI Joe Characters - Surveillance Port

GI Joe Cobra Characters - Surveillance Port

*Of note – Oddly enough, The Python Patrol Rock Viper is noted as a Sand Scorpion under the Cobra Characters.

GI Joe Products - Surveillance Port

GI Joe Collect - Surveillance Port

GI Joe Comics and Movie - Surveillance Port

GI Joe Games - Surveillance Port

It’s so exciting to see the G.I.Joe Brand get a bit of attention…and by a bit, I mean WOO HOO!

Make sure to go check out the new page and share it far and wide!

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