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New Larry Hama Action Figure Images And Word On Fixable Articulation Issue

Over the weekend, Fresh Monkey Fiction sent out a pair of notifications regarding their Larry Hama Action Figure!

The messages, sent to backers of the Larry figure, brought good and somewhat bad news (not too bad though, promise!). Here’s the TL/DR version – Larry’s waist is a bit stiff, so you’ll want to give him a 3-minute hot water bath to loosen up the joint before twisting his waist.

To whet your appetite, a collection of images of Larry were included as well. Both full length updates are below for your reading pleasure. Let’s get to it!

Larry Hama Kickstarter Banner - Surveillance Port

Articulation Issue

We did get a few figures shipped to us via FedEx.  We have opened a few figures and they look great, we’ll post some images shortly. The interchangeable hands are a great addition and really add some extra functionality to the figure.

There is an issue we the waist on the figure that we sadly cannot resolve and wanted to highlight this to all backers. The waist cannot turn/rotate more than 3-5 degrees, this was a manufacturing issue that was a result of all the issues with Tiandeng Liu and the parts that were recovered from his factory. All the other elements of the figure function as intended but please do not force or turn the waist more than 3-5 degrees on each side. If you do this the pin that holds the waist to the torso will snap.

Many of you are planning on keeping the figure carded for display but we know many of you are intending to remove the figure from it’s plastic prison and display your figure with other 1/18th figures.  For those folks we know this is not ideal,  we are very disappointed and upset that we have to deliver this news, but we hope the extra set of hands make up for it in some small way.  As we mentioned, all the other other elements of the figure function as intended so there are still many ways you can display your figure.

This just adds one more thing to the list of many obstacles that we’ve had to overcome to finally get this figure out the door and delivered to you.

Follow up to the waist articulation issue..good news!!!

Hey everyone!

I had a few folks reach out to me today after the last post and ask “What Happens if you put the figure in hot water for 5 mins?”

So I popped off the head, arms and jackets and dunked Larry in hot water for 3 mins..and guess what! It fixed the issue with the waist articulation. I know it’s not great that you need’ll need to drown Larry in hot water but if you do that the waist will turn just fine. Sorry for the scare but thanks to the few of you who made the suggestion.

Okay back to prepping to get this bad boy out to you soon.


The next update treats us to a collection of images. Check it out –

Also we’re going to include this card in every order as a reminder to fix the waist issue we discovered per yesterdays post.

We’ll keep everyone updated once we get the order and are ready to start fulfillment.

Additional figures for sale

Once fullfillment is complete we’ll be posting any left over stock for sale on our website sometime in September. We will have a very limited number of figures left, but we’ll update the kickstarter and social media when we plan on offering the remaining stock.

We’ll post an update once the figures arrive and get fullfillmet moving.

Thanks again for sticking with us for the journey and we’re excited to finally get these figures out the door and in your hands.


There you have it, folks! We’ll have Larry in hand soon. Don’t forget to give him a dip in hot water before twisting his waist!

I’ll be sure to bring you a review once mine are in hand!

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